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About Us


St. Mary’s Nursery & Farm was incorporated in 2009 in Estonia and introduced into the United States in 2014. It has existed since 1986 when Vladimir Tushin first discovered that magnolias grew as far north as St. Petersburg, Russia. Vladimir studied magnolias extensively in the late 80’s. He progressed through university and his interest, knowledge, and understanding of plants and plant biology grew as much as his plants. A decade and a half later, in 2001, he started his first business. It wasn’t until 2009 that his business plans included a business in the European Union. Today he is a bio-engineer and has cultivated and developed some of the most significant plants available. He has expanded the geographical boundaries of magnolias to include USDA Hardiness Zone 5.

Mr. Tushin’s work has opened the door for landscape and garden enthusiasts, community and city parks, universities and the like. Not only has he and St. Mary’s made it possible for magnolias and other plants to propagate this far north, he has expanded the knowledge and study of magnolias to enhance their well-being and conservation worldwide.


Magnolias – add an element of sophistication and value to your home and property™


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